Friday, December 4, 2009

Scarcity Of Water

Water scarcity could bring in some great woes to people around the world, this is because of climate change and Global Warming.

Water is the lifeline of every people. Imagine a day when you have no water! How terrible it was! Imagine days when if you do not have water continuously.

The government of every country will have to formulate plans for efficient use of scarcely available water. The cost of water will increase as scarcity of water grows.

It is estimated that in US today, about 33.5 million Americans are getting their drinking water from privately owned utilities. That makes up about 16 per cent of the nation’s community water systems.

Global warming could melt the ice and glaciers. It could be the cause of rise of sea level. And how well seawater could be converted to drinking water is not known. As of now in India, no drastic steps have been taken for converting seawater either for drinking water purpose or for general usage. Water scarcity may be one of the most underappreciated global political and environmental challenges now. Water woes could have an impact on global peace and stability.

In India, another important step that the government could take is linking of various rivers. But till now no drastic steps have been taken by India. There has been no political will power.

It is very urgent now. If not the Government the people themselves have to take initiative to start up the work of linking rivers that run throughout our country.

It is a known fact that large amount water from Ganges River flows into the sea. There is an urgent need for diverting this river water to flow throughout the veins of different states in the country.

After so many days of power by the successive governments there has been no any real great effort put forth by it.

Under these circumstances, it is we people who have to come forward on our own and see that some private person takes up these projects and it is well funded by ourselves and other great companies.

Carbon Advice Group is one company, which has now taken up the task of funding viable projects.

For a start, why not we join this Group and make us available when the need arises.

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